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SC Restaurant and Lodging Association formally opposes offshore drilling
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COLUMBIA – The South Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association (SCRLA) has taken a formal position opposing offshore drilling in any manner, including seismic blasting and drilling.

During its Annual Meeting in Myrtle Beach, the 1400-member statewide, non-partisan organization went on record opposing offshore drilling as a reflection of its strong concern that any offshore drilling would put the state’s $20.2 billion tourism industry at risk, according to John Durst, SCRLA President & CEO.

“The SCRLA is joining the growing chorus of reasoned concern about offshore drilling which has a very alarming record of accidents which have a dramatic, short- and long-term negative impact, especially on coastal tourism and the environment. As the voice of South Carolina’s hospitality industry, the SCRLA opposes any actions which would possibly jeopardize this strong economic engine and the thousands of tourism-related jobs in our State,” Durst added.

The SCRLA’s mission is to promote, protect and educate the foodservice and lodging industries of our state and to ensure positive business growth for our members. The SCRLA strives to represent the best interests of its members on small business issues, hospitality and tourism concerns and towards the protection of South Carolina’s quality of life.