Business Alliance For Protecting The Atlantic Coast

The tourism and hospitality industry is one of Rhode Island’s most important economic sectors, for the thousands of jobs it provides and significant amount of revenue generated. Tourism attractions range from the state’s beautiful, surfing-worthy ocean beaches and Newport’s position as the Sailing Capital of the World, to rich pre-Mayflower and American Revolution bona fides for history buffs. A 2010 study completed for the RI Economic Development Corporation showed that tourism and in-state visitor spending generated $2.3 billion dollars for the state; provided $845 million in wages and salaries; and nearly one out of every 10 Rhode Islanders worked in jobs connected or attributed to tourism. If money talks, Rhode Island tourism is shouting. In “The Ocean State” many attractions are dependent on the state’s coastal resources, meaning any change in oceanic regulation could be a significant challenge to this industry.