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Letter: LoBiondo a champion of coastal tourism industry
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Voice of the People
June 5, 2017

Coastal communities and businesses throughout New Jersey have not wavered in their opposition to offshore drilling and exploration in the Atlantic, and the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce thanks Rep. Frank LoBiondo for standing with us. His leadership in the fight to protect the coast is an example that I hope other coastal members of Congress will follow.

Big oil cannot be allowed to threaten New Jersey’s pristine beaches, the estuaries and fisheries of the wetlands and back bays, and the coastal tourism industry valued at $20.2 billion, which represents nearly one-half of the state’s $44.1 billion tourism revenues.

As we come out against offshore drilling time and time again, we need the continued support of elected officials — especially in light of President Trump’s latest executive order, which promotes energy exploration and production at the expense of the already lucrative ocean-based industries. Offshore drilling and exploration directly risk the coastal resources that provide significant revenue and jobs throughout the state, including beaches that draw millions of tourists a year and the robust seafood markets.

LoBiondo recently introduced the Coastal Economies Protection Act, which would suspend offshore drilling in the Atlantic for the next 10 years. Forcing coastal industries to compete with coastal industrialization and pollution is a terrible business plan. I thank LoBiondo for his leadership, and urge his colleagues in Congress to stand for New Jersey’s coastal economy and co-sponsor the Coastal Economies Protection Act.

Vicki Clark
Cape May County Chamber of Commerce