Business Alliance For Protecting The Atlantic Coast

In 2015, the tourism industry directly supported 318,330 jobs in New Jersey and sustained more than 512,000 jobs including indirect and induced impacts. The tourism sector generated $37.3 billion of state GDP in 2015, representing 6.6% of the entire state economy. Tourism spans nearly a dozen sectors including lodging, recreation, retail, real estate, air passenger transport, food & beverage, car rental, taxi services and travel agents. However, threats to water quality and wildlife along the shore also imperil the state’s tourism industry, which creates $28 billion in economic impact in the state annually. New Jersey’s four coastal counties account for six out of every 10 tourism dollars spent in the state. More than 400,000 jobs statewide are linked to the tourism industry, including a growing number of jobs linked to “ecotourism,” such as hunting, fishing and wildlife watching.