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Urgent! Sign this letter to protect the Atlantic Coast
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This week, Congress will begin an end run around the normal regulatory process on determining if offshore drilling will be permitted in the Atlantic.  This bill will negate all the grassroots opposition to testing and drilling.

Before tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon sign this letter in opposition to this bill.

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The bill is the kitchen sink of the oil industry’s wish list.  The bill would advance controversial oil and gas industry priorities and block implementation of offshore drilling-related safety rules. The wish list includes: new revenue sharing schemes that create incentives to expand offshore drilling at the expense of taxpayers; expanded power of the Department of the Interior Secretary to add lease sales outside of the current leasing process; removal of key Arctic safety regulations; and, the removal of the Presidential authority to protect ocean and coastal areas from oil and gas drilling, among many other concerning provisions. Here’s a link to the Committee’s announcement on the hearing.

Help push back on this bill by joining our letter opposing the bill.

To join,  fill out the Google form here.

Deadline is tomorrow at NOON Tuesday (10/10).